Friday, June 18, 2010

What shall We Call This One?

The Exxon -Valdez oil spill was named after the tanker that was transporting the oil, not the Captain who allegedly made the mistake of running the tanker onto a reef. This spill was caused by an "error in judgment" on behalf of agencies who allegedly turned a blind eye when it came to short cuts and safety regulations. Shall we call it "The BP-Black Gulf " "The New Black Sea" or the "New Dead Sea"? How about "The Drill to end all Drills" ?

The tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico needs to go from a name game to a solution game. People are so busy juggling names, trying to shift blame, and working on ratings, that the realities are getting lost in the shuffle.

Face facts: As long as there is a disaster for us to debate,  then there is a reason to watch the news. Thinking back, we had some problems on television a few months ago when Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno were fighting over who deserved the Tonight Show... The debate boiled down to who got the news better ratings, and Leno before the news did not cut the ice...

Something Ted said gave me pause for thought here: During the early days of President Obama's term of office, Sarah Palin was constantly in the news. She seemed to have something to say about any issue that concerned the country, and she couldn't wait to tell everyone that she would be campaigning for President next election. Sarah Palin has always said that her time in office as Governor of Alaska gave her special knowledge and skills for dealing with the "Big Oil Companies"... So where is Sarah? Wouldn't you think that this would be the perfect time for her to show everyone how good she is at dealing with oil companies, wildlife preservation, and disaster? Isn't it her duty to step up to the plate and use her skills as a negotiator? Wouldn't that seal her destiny, if she did in fact believe that she would make a better President of the United States?

Ted says that while he is a card carrying democrat, and a member in good standing of the local union, he was not a supporter of Barack Obama (who Ted refers to as good ole Barack). "I didn't vote for him, but he is our President," Ted says "and I can't see how he could really do a better job in this particular case." Ted went on to say that as a group, the American people have criticized President Obama for every thing he has done. In the early portion of his term everyone said they didn't want him to bail out big companies because "government should not be involved in corporate business" and yet everyone seems to want President Obama to take over BP.

So what do you think about all of this? What should President Obama do? What would you do? Oh, and about Sarah... If she isn't doing anything right now, when it counts, why should she get America's vote in the future. What would you do, if you were Sarah Palin? Why is it that Hollywood moguls such as Kevin Costner and James Cameron have a plan to help, but our politicians just point fingers at each other and debate? 

Where is Sarah anyway, Ted's kinda got me worried about her now. He watches the news, and I don't... Anyone know where Sarah Palin is?


  1. We certainly do need solutions, over finger pointing. Lots of solutions!

  2. Sarah Palin siting!

    So, Faybe Bay, how are you doing?