Friday, May 28, 2010

Ted called Last Night

Even on his birthday, Ted wanted to make sure everything was going to go right. He had read my posts, not an easy task if you do know Ted, he can barely find his e-mail. Ted wanted to make sure that today I add a few things to the blog.

First, he wanted me to tell you that I make it sound as if he made me change my life, or that he helped me to change it. In reality, he told me what he would do in my shoes. He says that he is proud of me, but that the changes made were mine alone. I guess that's true.

His words for today are these: "Don't do as I say, or do what I do, unless you believe it applies to your situation." 

Kind of powerful. Often times in life we think that doing what others say or do is right for us. In reality that may be far from the truth. Case in point, a pilot has been trained to fly and land the plane. You would not try to do either of these things as that does not apply to you.

I have said that I was sharing a house with other people. Now I have a home of my own. I needed to have a home of my own. You may not have that same need, perhaps you need to have room mates.

Now back to what Ted did do for me. He asked me what I really wanted to do with my life. Every time I tried to say that what I wanted wasn't even possible, he would tell me, "You can't say that, I asked you what you want. What do you want? Forget about whether or not it's possible."

You see, you can't get what you want or need in this life if you won't even define it for yourself, because you have already decided that it isn't possible. You have given up without even deciding what you really want.

Now you might say:"Well I tried and I didn't get it..." Yeah, I have been there too. Or "I had everything I wanted and I lost it all!" Yeah, I did that too. That's why I was living with other people.

So what Ted did for me is give me the confidence to try. What is the worst that could happen if I really sat down and decided what I want. I don't get it? Really, is that the worst? Because I already didn't have it anyway, so saying what I want isn't going to make my life any worse.

I got what I wanted. I learned to take a chance on myself. Are you ready to take a chance on yourself? Ted thought that it was high time I learned to take a chance on myself, and he was right. It was the best choice I ever made. Is it time for you to take a chance on yourself, to decide what you really want out of life? They say as you think, so you are...

Ted wants me to start ending each day with these questions. 

What do you think? How do you feel? What do you need?

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